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Academics, post-graduate students, practitioners and authors of all stripes  are
welcome to submit in the academic section their articles, notes, book reviews
or comments on any legal, historical, political sciences or defence-related

We accept articles in just about every language using Cyrillic or Latin as well as
other alphabets, such English, French, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech,,
Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Inuktitut, Italian, Latin, Polish,
Portuguese (both Brazilian and European), Romanian, Russian, Serb (both Latin
and Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish.

Important. The following is not meant to discourage from submitting; only to
ensure quality. If your article conforms to your own national standard of
writings, we accept all and any format as long as arguments are justified by
footnotes or endnotes. Never hesitate to submit an article : if there is a need
for improvement, we will inform you and we will always remain open for

The whole scope of legal, historical as well as peace and war studies, including
nation-building and geostrategic studies subjects, are considered for
publication, regardless of the perspective, tradition, national or international
field of expertise. The only limit to the extend of our publishing would be
content that is illegal in national legislation (i.e. enticement to hatred) or against
international norms (i.e. promoting genocide) as well as undue revisionism.

Undue revisionism is one by which acts of a criminal nature (such as war
crimes, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, crimes against the
minimal standards of human rights, etc.) are apologised for and excused on
political, religious, ethnic, national, sexual or otherwise discriminatory grounds.
Such article will not be published in these pages. Ever. However, we will
examine articles which address these subject not in an aim of justifying them
but in the aim of comprehending their happenstance and explaining how they
came to be done. There is a fine distinction between the two categories and the
Editor-in-chief reserves the right to publish or deny publication of such articles.
For example, apologists of Nazism or Communism or totalitarian regimes of any
kind that deny atrocities or genocide will not be considered for publication.
Authors who seek to explain how genocide became part of State policies and
why these systematic abuses proved effective (or not) may be considered for
publication. But, again, the line is very thin between the two and carefully
worded articles only will be retained in these cases.

Their is no defined system of reference (footnotes or endnotes) demanded. As
long as you justify your argument through references (author and work), we
accept all writings respecting your own national standards. Any breach of
copyrights is the sole responsibility of the author.

The author retains the copyrights to his or her writings. As articles are unpaid
for, ownership remains within your hands. We act as publishers and caretaker.
Nothing prevents you from publishing elsewhere. You may even decide to have
the article taken off this site if another publisher desires to buy the rights to
your article.

We reserve ourselves the right to edit the content or length of the article, if at
all necessary.

We do not discriminate in any way. Our aim is to bring under one roof
perspectives from everywhere and from everyone. Never hesitate to submit.

To know more, please contact the Director and Editor-in-Chief, Dr.
Louis-Philippe F. Rouillard at: